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We have a lot of fun here and we make sure you'll have a great time, too. Come in and let us tell you about our events.

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Promoting local groups of reason.
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Be sure to stop by all events that catch your interest.  Whichever group or groups are sponsoring the event are sure to welcome you, answer your questions, and invite you back.  Welcome aboard!

Sacramento Area Coalition of Reason
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We are always happy to answer all of your questions. We're looking forward to hearing from you.
Let's see, we have atheist, agnostic, Skeptic, Humanist, freethinker, nonbeliever, Possibilian, Bright, Reasonist, questioning... I'm sure I'm forgetting some.
We have potlucks, protests, speakers, parties, visibility projects, educational products, brunches, history study, volunteering, singers, even a church!
                   Find a group that fits you!
The Mockingbirds deliver all-secular lyrics!
Helping serve up hot food for the homeless
Two atheists who sure know how to cut a rug!